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"... it's one strange film. It's also a great film"                           Mark Bell, Filmthreat.com

"... a reminder that film can be done differently"                        David Ollerton, London Film Review

thought-provoking and unique take on the Olympic legacy. Wondrous indeed."   Jonathon Hopper, Close-up Film

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Two film-makers arrive in the post industrial wasteland known as Hackney Wick. Their aim; to document this 'Isle of Wonder' as it falls under the shadow of the Olympic behemoth.

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Influenced by silence, slapstick, and the absurd, this scripted film is more fact than fiction, as it was made entirely by the two fools it follows. With 99% of the budget spent on a radio, a poncho and 100 envelopes they were left with no option other than to undertake all aspects of the filmmaking process themselves. A two man crew was just about plausible for interviewing the Hackney Wick locals, but it became somewhat of an issue when it came to shooting their own scenes. A lot of running behind and in front of the camera resulted in visuals that mirror the lonesome, tragic experience of shooting it.                                                                                       this This is an intimate film about the ill fated journey of two filmmakers and the weird and wonderful characters they encounter. More than that, it is a love letter to a remarkable place, filmed during a unique transitional period which may or may not spell the end for ‘The Wick’.

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